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Our hope is that every student chooses to participate in one of the sports programs we offer our students. Participating in a sport teaches many skills such as teamwork, good sportmanship, and dedication. Athletics paired together with academics is the ultimate formula for well rounded students. However, academics come first because we instill the importance of education so grades are checked often to be sure students are performing at their best.

The athletics we offer include:

Girls- JV and Varsity Basketball, JV and Varsity Cheerleading, Volleyball, Cross Country and Track.
Boys- JV and Varsity Basketball, Cross Country and Track.

The Athletic Association Members are: Shannon Shuboy; President, Trish Greenia; Vice Chairperson, Carol Bartolomucci; Treasurer, and Sheila Zauner; Secretary. These members can be reached by calling the school office.

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 Blue Water Athletic League opportunities

  • No cut policy
  • Sports offered include JV and Varsity Basketball, Cross Country, Varsity Volleyball, JV and Varsity Cheerleading, and Track

Sports Physical

Please click HERE for the physical form to play sports. 

 Girls Basketball

We are proud to have such talented children that make up our basketball teams here at St. A's. We have been lucky over the years that our basketball seasons have been successful in their quest for victory. The girls have fun and display a winning attitude which makes this school proud. Keep up the good work ladies.

One other exciting event that our girls partake in is the annual varsity team against the St. Augustine staff. Teachers, office staff and even the principal come out to challenge our girls at their own game. Everyone has a good time and we help raise money to support the school budget.


Our Cheerleaders do a great job showing their support for our boy's basketball teams. They bring their spirit to each game and get the crowd on their feet. Hope to see more of those "stand up" cheers again next year. Thanks to our coach for her dedication to our squad. 



Volleyball is the driving force in team work. Our girls come together to help each other set, spike and work together. We are proud of our girls as they showed improvement this season in how they play. 

  • Season begins in late January.
  • Contact the office if you are interested in playing. 

                                  Boy's Basketball

  • JV team consists of fifth and sixth grades
  • Varisty consists of seventh and eighth grades
  • The season begins with pratices in October and games in November. 

         Cross Country                                          

Cross Country is new to our school this year.        
  • The season begins mid-September
  • Includes 3 meets.
  • Our team had a fantastic season and placed 1st in our Blue Water Vicariate league.                                                                 


  • Track season starts in April.
  • Anyone in grades 5-8 can participate. 
  • There will be three meets and will be held on Fridays. 
  • Inform the office if you're interested in joining the team.

                                 Athletic Association

This organization represents all the parents whose children are involved in athletic endeavors at the school. All parents are asked to participate in this organization in a variety of ways because the school relies on the monies raised by this group to run its athletic program.

The major goal of the Athletic Association is to outfit and support financially all of the sports students participate in during the school year. This includes basketball, cheerleading, and other physical fitness competitions.

The major source of funds for this Association are the Fish Fry's which are held at various times throughout the year.

A fee is charged of each student who participates in a sport. A portion is returned at the end of the playing season to those whose families have met their commitment to the Association.

The Association consists of four members. The members are:
President: Shannon Shuboy
Vice-Chairperson: Trish Greenia
Secretary: Shelia Zauner
Treasurer: Carol Bartolomucci

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