Data is a great way to show where students are the strongest and where improvements need to be made.  We have collected data which shows a drop in scores for Math over the summer between grades.  In an effort to continue the enrichment of the skills and concepts acquired during this year, the teachers have put together Math and Reading packets.  
     The purpose of these packets is for the students to complete them over the entire summer, working at them little by little each day.  These packets will serve as the first math and reading grades for next year.  This can also be helpful in keeping students away from feeling bored.  We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing the continued growth when they return next year.

St. Augustine School Staff

To view/print the packet, click on the appropriate grade (the grade your child just completed this year).


1st Grade

2nd Grade READING

2nd Grade MATH

3rd Grade READING

3rd Grade MATH

4th Grade READING

4th Grade MATH

5th Grade READING

5th Grade MATH

6th Grade READING

6th Grade MATH

7th Grade READING

7th Grade MATH

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