Students will....
  • Learn to pray the "Our Father", "Hail Mary", and "Gory Be". 
  • Students will learn about God Our Father and Jesus His Son. 
  • Students will have an understanding about all of the gifts God has given us. 
  • They will pray the Rosary. 
  • Students will learn about the Saints. 
  • They will also celebrate Advent and Lent in appropriate ways. 
  • They attend mass weekly.

Reading and Phonics-

     Students will.....
  • learn the letter names and sounds.
  • learn to identify the letters as upper-case and lower-case.
  • be introduced to sight words through the course of the year.
  • be introduced to blending sounds in preparation to read words.
  • retell stories and answer comprehension questions.
  • have an understanding of story structure.
  • Begin writing simple sentences. 

    Students will......
  • identify the numbers 0-20 and be introduced to numbers 21-30.
  • practice counting through 100 as the year progresses.
  • identify simple patterns.
  • learn to sort and classify.
  • understand how to graph pictures and objects.
  • identify the four basic shapes. 
  • act out number stories and write  "addition sentences" for number stories. 
  • be introduced to coins and telling time to the hour. 

  • Students will learn the correct formation of upercase and lowercase letters.

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