Mrs. Ann Perry

Kindergarten Teacher

St. A's phone: 586.727.9365 ext. 150


Length of Time at St. Augustine: Since 1993


B.A. in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, Nazareth College - 1985.
M.A. in Reading - Michigan State University - 2001.

Specials Schedule
Monday: Art (8:15-9:00), Library (11:15-12:00)
Tuesday: Music (8:15-9:00), Spanish (10:30-11:15)
Wednesday: Mass (8:00), Computers (9:05-9:50, alternating Wednesdays)
Thursday: Gym (9:45-10:30)
Friday:  Computers (10:30-11:15)


Monday:  Today we had Art.  In Phonics we worked with digraph ck.  We also practiced separating sounds.  In Reading Readiness learned about long e.  We learned that the letters ee make the long e sound.  We talked about what happens in different times of the day in Math Readiness.  We completed our chapter about Jesus teaching us to pray in Religion.  Homework:  back of Math worksheet, Reading Readiness worksheet, Weekly Packet for Reading Readiness.

Look What We Can Do!

Words We Can Read

I    can    the    we    see    a    like    to    and    go   of   you   do   my   from   four are   he   with    into    is    little    one    she    was    for    have   they   said   want   me   here   this   what   love   too   help   play   has   look   where   who   good

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