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  • St. Augustine Catholic School
    67901 Howard St.
    Richmond, MI 48062

  • Flag Football Field
    5298 Indian Trail
    East China, MI 48054

  • Holy Cross Catholic School
    618 S. Water Street
    Marine City, MI 48039

  • Immaculate Conception
    7043 Church Road
    Ira Township, MI 48023

  • St. Edward on the Lake School & MCA basketball games
    6995 Lakeshore Road
    Lakeport, MI 48059

  • St. Mary's Catholic School
    800 Orchard Street
    St. Clair, MI 48079

  • St. Peter Lutheran School
    37601 31 Mile Road
    Richmond, MI 48062

  • Trinity Lutheran School
    Trinity Lutheran School
    Port Huron, MI 48060

  • Marine City High School
    1805 Ward Street
    Marine City, MI  48039

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