All Math classes are leveled so that each student is working at their ability level. Extra help is offered before school and there is ample one-on-one instruction. Geometry is integrated along with mathematical computations, algebraic problem solving and critical thinking. Probability and statistics are integrated into the schience curriculum as well. Students are given a lot of individualized attention.

6th Grade Math~ Sixth grade math involves reinforcement of fractions, decimals and mathematical vocabulary. There is continued practice with solving for variables and use of reasoning and estimation. Crosscurriculur integration of mathematics and scienceusing metric measurements in practical situations. 

7th Grade Math~ There is a strong focus on algebraic operations with an introduction to statistical analysis. Word problems are covered daily. and include simple and compound interest, solving real world problems and using formulas. 

8th Grade Math~ Algebra is offered to those who qualify at the eighth grade level. Through Cardinal Mooney High School, students are able to receive high school credit for this math class with successful completion. 

6th Grade Religion-There is an emphasis on the Old Testament stories as basis for our beliefs. Various activities allow for learning about the structure of the Bible and becoming familiar with Scripture. The lives of Saints are discussed and researched. Students take an active part in masses preparing petitions, acting as ushers and proclaiming the Word of God. The art of rosary making is also taught to students. 

7th Grade Religion~ The emphasis is learning about Jesus as our Savior and developing a personal relationship with him. There is a strong emphasis on the Sacraments and Church calendar. There is a contunation of learning about the lives of various saints in preparation for choosing a Confirmation name. 

8th Grade Religion~ Large and small group discussions are often focused on the Ten Comandments and integrating them, along with the Beatitudes, into daily life. Opportunities for community service and evangelization are encouraged. Students spend one class a week in preparation for Confirmation at the end of the school year. These students are encouraged to become active members of the parish after confirmation as Eucharistic Ministers, readers and ushers at weekend masses. 

6th Grade Science~Critical thinking, observations and experimentation is taught through extensive laboratory exercises. Proper use of equipment and following safety protocols is stressed. Some of the topics covered include potential and kinetic energy, heat transfer, chemical reactions, ecosystems, systems of the body, weathering, electricity and proper care of our natural resource. 

7th Grade Science-Students delve more deeply into concepts from sixth grade and, in addition, learn about weather, the scientific method, classification of organisms, cells and atoms, pollution, our atmosphere and waves. Science fair rojects are presented to peers every other year. 

8th Grade Science~Students in the eighth grade are responsible for an extended project such as the construction of a mousetrap car or a weight bearing bridge. Team work is encouraged through problem-solving and brainstorming. Other content includes genetics, the solar systems and a heavy emphasis on physical science including Newton's laws and simple machines. 

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