Religion- We do many projects that focus on our faith, the love of God and his creation. We study the sacraments and we celebrate Mass together each week. 

English- Much writing goes into their daily work from poems to short stories. Collaborative writing helps students to work together and build on their writing skills by helping one another. We work on the writing process which gives students practice with their proofreading skills. 

Vocabulary-Different techniques are used to help understand and learn the different vocabulary words throughout all subjects. We play games, do crosswords (both student generated and teacher generated) and practice using them in sentences. Words are identified when they are used in different books and stories. 

Reading- Reading is more than just reading a story and identifying the elements presented in it. Read alouds help students use their imagination to visualize what is happening in the story. Reading is also done in groups and quietly on their own. Many types of genres are used. The main focus is on non-fiction narratives. We read short stories, biographies, basal readers, trade books, Storyworks magazine, and reader's theatre. Oral presentations, projects presented to the class and producing a classroom book are all examples of work students complete. Comprehension skills are an everyday focus.

Mathematics- The class is grouped accorsing to their ability to perform basic math concepts. Aside from the regular textbook used in class, math journals are incorporated which align with the Common Core standards. Tutorials are viewed in the computer lab. A variety of tools are used such as white boards, chalkboards, hands-n manipulatives, and paper/pencil as well as mental math methods. Students are challenged to go above and beyond the grade level standards by working on geometry and algebraic concepts. 

Science- The fundamental skills of science are practiced in the science lab by performing different types of experiments. Models are constructed to demonstrate ablity levels of the Common Core standards. Much problem solving is involved so students can work on team work. Students utilize the use of technology by creating Power Point presentations to share research on various topics with their classmates. 

Social Studies- Lots of role playing is involved to show understanding of content and to meet standards. Primary and secondary sources are used as well as videos and computers. 

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