Religion- Many concepts are covered including the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments, as well as deepening our faith by attending Mass weekly and saying prayers. We explore ways to make our faith meaningful to ourselves and the importance of living the Christian values. 

Spelling/Vocabulary- Students learn spelling patterns which carries over into their daily writing. Vocabulary includes work with synonyms/antonyms, word associations and correct usage of words in context. 

English- The writing process, parts of speech and correct grammar usage are expanded upon throughout the year. 

Reading- Through the use of textbooks and trade books, students will continue to show progress in comprehension, fluency, expression and main ideas. Many dfferent strategies are incorporated to reach all learning styles. Emphasis is put on nonfiction reading, but fictional pieces are also worked with. 

Math- Concepts taught include: units of measure, division, angles, multiplication, and the relationship of fractions and decimals. 

Science: Science takes a hands on approach to such topics as (but not limited to) electricity and magnets, forces in motion, matter and energy and the earth. The scientific method is used throughout the year as students do experiments and test ideas with hypothesis. 

Social Studies- We look closely at the history of our great state to present day along with the study of the importance of various industries and how they helped shape Michigan to what it is today. 

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