Religion- Third grade focuses on "We are the Church". It is broken down into Jesus Gives Us the Church, We are Members of the Church, The Church Leads us in Worship and We are Called to Discipleship. Each lesson includes "We Gather", "We Believe, and "We Respond". In addition, we celebrate Mass weekly and every five weeks, 3rd grade hosts the Mass by participating in the readings, gifts, ushering and greeting. 

Phonics- Consonants and consonant variants as well as long and short vowel patterns are reviewed. Blends, digraphs, compound words, silent letters and y as a vowel are also taught. R controlled vowels, vowel digraphs and diphthongs are also presented. Rules for dividing words into syllables, contractions and word endings are discussed. Suffixes and prefixes and how they change the meaning of words are also a part of 3rd grade phonics. Finally synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and dictionary skills are taught. Each skill is introduced, explained and then students expand on this knowledge to show the use of the skill through reading and writing. 

Reading- Through ongoing reading, students increase comprehension skills, speed and accuracy through vocabualry instruction, decoding skills, building background and discussing essential questions for selections they read. Shared, partner reading and independent reading are all included. Guided practice is used to model and teach many comprehension skills such as identifying genres, point of view, main idea and key details, and text structure, compare and contrast, sequence, cause/effect, and problem and solution. Writing elements are also incorporated into each lesson. Reading for Dollars is a program I use to encourage more independent reading in free time and at home

Grammar, usage, and mechanics cover many different areas such as the sentence, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, capitalization and punctuation, and pronouns. These main areas are broken down into smaller components. Lessons are discussed, practiced individually, practiced as a group and then independent work. The writing process is used with the many different types of writing produced. 

Handwriting-Proper formation of letters in both printing and cursive reviewed and or taught. By the middle of the year everything in transitioned to cursive. 

Spelling-Weekly spelling lists are given that normally include a pattern such as a_e (rake). Challenge words are also given to those who need a challenge. Students work with words by sorting according to th sound or letter patterns

Math-In third grade, addition and subtraction with regrouping is expanded upon. Multiplication and divsion facts are memorized by all students. Multiplication of large numbers by a one digit multiplie

Science-We use the McMillan/McGraw A Closer Look edition. We study several areas including Life, Earth and Physical Science. Some of our favorite units include:Light, sound, plants, Matter and Caring for our Earth. some of our favorite units include: light, sound, plants, matter, and Caring for our Earth. 

Social Studies-Study the regions of the United States. This includes location of states and important landmarks of the regions. Also, how the land is used and the economy of each region. Later, the history of the states in each region is explored.

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