Ms. E. Kauffman

3rd Grade Teacher

St. A's phone: 586.727.9365 ext. 153


Length of Time at St. Augustine:  Since 1991

Education: BS in Elmentary Education from Oakland University; Continuing Certificate through NMU


May 18/19
careful  cheerful  helpful  colorful  harmful  pitiful  painless  priceless helpless  sleepless  rainless  helplessly  peacefully  carefully  wisely  later  declare  partner  wonderful  cloudless


Read every night and fill out your Reading for $ Booklet. READ, READ, READ
Theme of week: What makes animals unique?
Strategies: vocabulary, finding text evidence, author's purpose and point of view, comparing texts, , figurative language

Please check side B of all papers in math. Have your child fix any errors and then initial the paper. Congratulations to the entire class for mastering their multiplication facts!!!

This week we are working on coordinate planes, graphing points, rounding to the nearest thousand, camparing 6-digit numbers, write hundredths using decimal and common fractions, divide a two digit number with a remainder

We will begin our unit on the Earth's resources: How the water is made clean. Using the Earth's air and water wisely, methods for conserving and protecting our air and water

 unit 5 test on Friday, May 19
We are working on chapter 23

Social Studies 4th Grade:

We are finishing up Chapter 13 the west

HANDWRITING :cursive capital letters w and V along with proper connection of all lower case letters.


Specials Schedule 2016/17

  •  Monday:  Library, Art 

  • Tuesday:   Music, Spanish

  • Wednesday:  Mass 8:15, Technology 

  • Thursday:       Gym 
  •  Friday :          Technology 

Dates to Remember:

Friday, May 19 Hot Dog Lunch
Friday, June 2  K-4 Field Day

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