Religion: The second grade program is designed for the student to learn about their faith, celebrate Mass and learn parts of the mass & hymns, celebrate reconciliation and First Eucharist, learn prayers and live out their faith daily through loving and respectful words and actions. Our code of conduct in the classroom reflects this. 

Phonics: The student will develop a solid foundation in phonics through coding. It is learned in small increments of basic vowels, combinations, digraphs, diphthongs, etc. This assures continued success as they learn to read. 

Spelling: A controlled vocabulary is taught for word mastery. This provides reinforcement of the concepts learned in phonics. A weekly test is given to show progress. 

Reading: Students learn to read grade appropriate leveled readers. They also learn to identify story elements as well as compare and contrast stories. 

Writing: The students will work through various stages of the writing process allowing time to develop stories by doing story maps for planning, rough drafts, editing, revisions, and final product of publication. 

Science: The student will be provided with a variety of experiences to understand the scientific method. The science lab utilized to do experiments in our main areas of study which include; plants & animals and their habitats, matter, motion & energy, weather, sky and earth's surfaces. 

Social Studies: The students will explore the United States by discovering communities where we live, leaarning about our country today, as well as long ago and people and places in history. 

Math: The students will participate in a wide variety of activities followed by each lesson containing a four-part format: The meeting, fact practice, new concepts and written practice.

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