Religion: Students will be able to recite prayers, participate in the celebration of mass each week and develop a relationship with Jesus through his teachings. 

Phonics: Students will be able to use decoding skills to recognize the relationships between the letters (graphemes)of written language and the individual sounds (phonemes) of spoken language. Students will be able to apply concepts of print, phonological awareness, oral language skills, and phonics to aid them in reading and writing. 

Reading: Students will be able to recognize the spelling and sound of letters to aid their reading ability. They will be introduced to a variety of genres to broaden their reading spectrum. Students will read as a group, one-on-one with the teacher, with a partner and independently. 

Writing: Students will be able to identify sentence structure and use this information to form sentences, add details and explanations. Students will learn the writing process and the importance of letter form, punctuation spacing and ensuring the writing makes sense to the reader. 

Math: Students will be able to experience math skills on a daily basis. Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, addition, subtraction, time, money, geometry, measurement and fractions are emphasized throughout the Math curriculum. Students will be exposed to key terms and operational symbols in Math. 

Science: Students will be able to learn about the world around them by exploring and investigating key concepts such as living/non-living, plants, animals, habitats, Earth's features (ex. land & water), weather and seasonal changes. Hands on investigations and experiments will lead them to understand the world that God has created. They will also come to understand that the Earth's natural resources must be conserved by reducing, reusing and recycling. 

Social Studies: Students will be able to comprehend the world around them through learning about community, people, traditions and social skills. They will learn the similarities and differences between people who lived long ago and how people live today. Students will comprehend the role of our government, their own, their own roles within the family and community. They will also understand our state and country through holidays, symbols and special Americans. 

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